Boarding House Blues

Month: October 2022

15 October 2022
An Improbable Win

Every jockey dreams of winning a big race. Few succeed, but those who do rightfully celebrate their victory. All except Frank Hayes. In 1923, at 22 (or possibly 35 — records are few), Hayes had yet to win his first race. He had only recently transitioned from trainer and stable hand to jockey. Imagine his […]

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6 October 2022
Flapper Couture

You’ve received an invitation to a Roaring 20s costume party. If you’re a woman, you will immediately start scanning the Internet for an above-the-knees, fringed flapper dress, as well as a feather boa, long cigarette holder, and flapper headband. Great outfit. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be accurate, at least not the dress. For the most part, […]

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