I started my career as a writer for a computer weekly. Now, after detours through catering, project management, and software consulting,  I’ve come full circle back to writing.  This time it’s mysteries, the “traditional” kind with lots of plotting, fun characters and a minimum of blood and gore–at least on scene.

Here are a few things you might (or might not) want to know about me.

* I love all things literary, culinary and techie. And anything related to white collar crime.

* My favourite cuisine is French, followed closely by Chinese and Thai. That being said, my favorite food is pizza. I could eat it ever day of the week and be happy.

* I love dogs — all dogs. The Golden in my work-in-progress is based on my own beloved (now departed) Golden, Clue (as in “hasn’t got a …..”)  Check out her picture in the PIX section. My current Golden, Murphy, has taken on the job of muse, mentor, and timekeeper.